Strike Out Strippz is a uniquely designed throwing glove for all baseball and softball players ranging from youth league to professional players that can be used anywhere, anytime, indoors or out, without a catcher or a ball, thanks to a pair of specially engineered strips attached to a training glove.  After putting the glove on their throwing hand and fully simulating a pitch or a throw, Strike Out Strippz will allow baseball and softball players to see exactly, through the full range of motion, where their hands, glove, arms and legs should be and the route they should travel on every pitch or throw from the set position through the finishing drive to the target area.


Not only does this product help maintain your proper mechanics, it also helps in the rehab portion of a return to throw program.  Many times a player coming back from injury or surgery needs a way to learn their mechanics all over again.  This product will help allow that as you can start all over again and have perfect mechanics.


"The Perfect Throw training aid will help alleviate the possibility of injuring your arm because of maximum shoulder rotation, acceleration through the throw, making sure the arm doesn't lag behind your body and use of lower and upper body together."

"The overhand thrower's arm needs to be away from his/her body when the ball is released; the closer the arm is to the body, the more potential for injury."

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